Agile Resourcing

Unleash the Power of Scalable Talent: Experience the Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

We offer organizations the opportunity to supplement their existing workforce with highly skilled professionals. By leveraging the expertise of these talented individuals, businesses can efficiently execute projects and experience enhanced innovation and productivity. 


What we offer

Onshore Staff Augmentation

Our Onshore Staff Augmentation services provide professional, tailored support to maximize your organization’s potential. With our expertly-matched technical resources, you can rest assured that the right skills are at work for a successful and efficient project outcome.

Offshore Staff Augmentation

Improve your project timelines and budget with effective offshore staff augmentation solutions. Streamline processes by leveraging the Technical expertise of Indian professionals to enhance efficiency or develop new capabilities.

Staff Augmentation for Startups

Startups can empower their teams with the support of skilled professionals through our staff augmentation services, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses. Our services offers the flexibility of onboarding additional personnel on an as-needed basis.


On-demand workforce solutions


Staff augmentation provides flexibility in scaling your workforce according to your current needs. You can quickly onboard additional resources to handle increased workloads or specific projects, and scale down when the demand decreases.

Cost Effective

Hiring full-time employees comes with various costs such as salaries, benefits, training, and overhead expenses. Staff augmentation allows you to avoid these long-term costs by bringing in external resources on a temporary basis, saving on recruitment and onboarding expenses.

Access to specialized skills

Sometimes, your existing team may lack certain specialized skills required for a particular project. Staff augmentation enables you to tap into a pool of experienced professionals with the specific expertise needed to fill those skill gaps and ensure the successful completion of the project.

Faster ramp-up

Staff augmentation allows you to quickly ramp up your team without going through lengthy recruitment processes. This agility is especially valuable when you need to respond to changing market conditions or seize new business opportunities.

Knowledge transfer

When you bring in external resources through staff augmentation, they can bring fresh perspectives, best practices, and industry insights to your organization. This knowledge transfer can enhance your team’s capabilities and improve overall performance.

Increased productivity

By supplementing your team with additional resources, you can distribute work more efficiently and ensure timely project delivery. This helps prevent burnout among your existing employees and allows them to focus on core responsibilities.

Agile staffing solutions

Flexible workforce solutions

Project Based Staff Augmentation

In this model, external resources are brought in to work on a specific project from start to finish. They become an integral part of the project team and contribute their expertise until the project is completed.

Skills-Based Staff Augmentation

When a business requires specific skills or expertise that their existing team lacks, they can bring in professionals with those specific skills on a temporary basis.

Remote Staff Augmentation

With the rise of remote work, businesses can leverage staff augmentation to access talent from anywhere in the world. This allows organizations to tap into a global talent pool and overcome geographical limitations when hiring specialized resources.

At Tevince, we believe that a strong and committed team is essential for your business to reach its fullest potential. That’s why our Flexible workforce solutions set us apart from the competition: We curate highly skilled IT Resources who are ready to assist you in realizing your professional objectives. With extensive vetting processes along with expertise and experience at their disposal, rest assured knowing that you will receive experienced contract professionals.


Skilled professionals on demand



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