Case Study

SAP TR Process Automation

An automated solution was implemented to streamline the transfer of SAP transport requests across different IT environments and facilitate email notifications. This automation greatly improves efficiency and saves time by eliminating manual efforts. The process has been optimized to ensure consistent and reliable transfers, resulting in an overall improved workflow, enhancing accuracy, and reducing execution time associated with manual handling.




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Automated Transfer of SAP Transport Requests Across IT Environments and notifying all stakeholders.

Business Case

In SAP, Transport Requests (TR) are used to transport changes made in the development system to other systems within the landscape. This involves a manual process of generating a unique TR number, notifying authorized individuals via email, and transferring the request between development, quality assurance, and production environments.

To overcome communication delays and difficulties in tracking multiple transport requests, the client sought to automate the process. The goal was to streamline and enhance efficiency by reducing manual intervention. By automating the TR process, the client aimed to eliminate delays, improve communication, and ensure timely processing of each request.


An automated solution was developed using an RPA bot and a dedicated email account to simplify the process of Transport Requests (TR). A specific email inbox was established to receive TR-related communication, which is continuously monitored by the bot. The bot efficiently captures TR emails, extracting relevant information such as TR number, source, and target environments.

Automatically logging into SAP environments, executing T-Codes, and performing necessary actions, the bot ensures smooth processing of TR requests. It handles the entire lifecycle, moving TR requests between designated environments. The bot also sends comprehensive status updates via email, keeping stakeholders informed about the progress at each stage.

By adopting this automated approach, the solution significantly reduces manual effort, enhances accuracy, and ensures timely communication throughout the TR process. It streamlines the entire workflow, resulting in improved efficiency and optimized handling of TR requests.



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