Case Study

Sales Report Automation

By leveraging SAP systems, SQL, and RPA technology, we achieved a successful automation of the Sales Report creation process for our esteemed customer. This transformative initiative eliminated the need for manual intervention and introduced a streamlined approach to report generation. As a result, the process became significantly faster, with a reduced likelihood of errors occurring. It saved a lot of time as these reports, apart from scheduled ones, were needed at ad hoc basis as well for management review apart.




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Accelerated Sales Report Creation: Transforming Efficiency and Accuracy through SAP, SQL, and RPA Automation

Business Case

The Sales team faced a daunting task of regularly compiling and formatting precise Sales reports from their SAP systems. Performing this task manually was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, especially considering the dynamic nature of report parameters that varied according to specific requirements. To address these challenges, automation emerged as the optimal solution. By implementing an automated process that involved preparing reports in Excel sheets, the Sales team would gain a dependable and efficient solution. This automation will significantly reduce time constraints and ensure the accuracy of the generated reports.


In order to optimize the reporting process and enhance customer satisfaction, we designed a specialized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution tailored to our customer’s needs. 

Our RPA bot seamlessly logs into SAP using T-Codes and efficiently retrieves the required sales records based on specific parameters, such as item codes, date range, or sales area. These parameters can be easily customized through a configuration file, providing flexibility and adaptability. The retrieved data is then processed and entered into an SQL database, where complex calculations are performed. Finally, the results are stored in Excel files with pre-defined report formats.

This automated solution offers a range of benefits. It facilitates the generation of weekly and monthly reports, which are automatically sent to designated recipients as email attachments. Moreover, customers now have the convenience of accessing ad hoc versions of the reports with just a single click, empowering them with on-demand access to valuable insights.

By implementing this custom RPA solution, we have significantly streamlined the reporting process, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. Our automated approach saves time, reduces manual errors, and provides customers with seamless access to critical sales information.




100% Automation


Automated Sales Report


100% Accuracy


Time saving of 3-4 Business Days


Improved Employee Experience