Case Study

Project Management Automation

We implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the Task update process in Project Management, alleviating the customer from engaging in laborious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.  The automated system efficiently retrieves and updates task information, ensuring timely and accurate updates throughout the project lifecycle.








Implemented Automation to Streamline Project Management: Updating Manual and Repetitive Tasks

Business Case

The customer encountered a daunting challenge that demanded significant time and effort, as they were burdened with manual and repetitive tasks associated with project management. Despite utilizing an existing application, the customer struggled with numerous search requests for categories, service lines, and templates, all of which had to be attached along with selected production environments. Furthermore, there were instances where multiple categories had to be chosen, requiring the input of respective items to attach the required templates. It became evident that this manual process was highly inefficient, prompting the need for automation


To enhance and streamline Project Management processes, we created an RPA bot that automates the entire workflow. We developed an end-to-end RPA bot that revolutionizes the process by seamlessly handling each step. The bot navigates to the Manage Project Screen, and intelligently identifies and selects relevant service lines associated with the specified category. Additionally, it swiftly searches for and attaches necessary templates, ensuring increased precision and efficiency. Moreover, the bot captures and incorporates all essential details of the Production Environment. This automated solution significantly saves organizations valuable time and resources, while maintaining a high level of accuracy throughout the entire process.



80% Automation


Automated Tasks Updation


100% Accuracy


Time saving


Improved Employee Experience