Case Study

NOC Automation

Our customer’s IT server alert management process was transformed through the implementation of custom RPA bots, enabling automation and efficient handling of server alerts. With our tailored RPA solution, the bots effectively monitor IT server alerts and autonomously execute the necessary actions based on predefined rules and protocols. By automating this process, our customer experienced improved responsiveness, minimized downtime, and enhanced overall IT system performance.








Seamless IT Server Alert Management through our Custom RPA Bots, Automating Actionable Alerts

Business Case

Ensuring uninterrupted system operations is crucial for any business. Prompt alerting of the Network Operations Center (NOC) Team in the event of system downtime or errors is of utmost importance, with notifications required within seconds. Our client recognized the significance of maintaining highly available systems and implemented regular server backups to mitigate the risk of failures during scheduled maintenance activities.

To effectively manage and respond to incoming alerts, the client’s NOC Team utilized two user-friendly portals. The first portal served as a centralized hub for managing and annotating all alerts, while the second portal focused on creating tickets for alerts that required further action. The dedicated NOC Engineers diligently monitored these alerts round-the-clock, promptly taking necessary actions such as annotating, creating tickets, and closing them in accordance with the defined process. This proactive approach ensured optimal system uptime and minimized potential disruptions.

As the steps involved in this process were repetitive and ongoing 24/7, the client expressed the need to automate the workflow. Recognizing the benefits of automation in streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency, the client sought to automate this alert management process to achieve higher productivity and ensure continuous monitoring without manual intervention.


We developed a tailored RPA solution that optimizes the handling of IT alerts, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness. This solution incorporates multiple bots working in tandem to streamline the entire process.

The Dispatcher Bot plays a pivotal role by continuously scanning the portal for new alerts. Once identified, these alerts are saved in an SQL database for further analysis. The Dispatcher Bot verifies if the alerts meet specific criteria, such as being part of a maintenance schedule or falling under the ignorable list. Based on these criteria, the bot annotates the alerts and updates their status accordingly.

If human intervention is required, the Dispatcher Bot seamlessly hands over the alerts to the Performer Bot. The Performer Bot then performs the necessary actions by creating tickets through the ITSM portal and assigning them to the appropriate group or individual. Additionally, the Performer Bot aids in identifying and marking duplicate or bulk alerts by cross-referencing existing information in the SQL database. It generates a comprehensive report detailing all the actions taken on each alert, ensuring accuracy and minimizing manual efforts in tagging alerts.

This combined approach of leveraging multiple bots and utilizing an SQL database significantly enhances efficiency throughout the entire IT alert management process. By automating these repetitive tasks, valuable time is saved, enabling resources to be allocated to more critical activities. With improved accuracy and streamlined operations, our custom RPA solution empowers organizations to effectively navigate through incoming IT alerts while optimizing productivity and enhancing overall performance.



100% Automation


Automated Alert Management


100% Accuracy


Time saving of 10-15 Business Days


Improved Employee Experience