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We automated process for our customer by creating custom RPA bots that handle IT Server Alerts and take appropriate action on those alerts.




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Server Alerts Management using RPA


For any business, it is paramount to have highly available systems for their smooth operations. If a system goes down or throws an error, the NOC Team needs to be alerted at the earliest, within seconds. The client manages and takes backups of their servers at regular intervals to reduce the risk of failure due to hiccups during periodic maintenance activities. Their NOC Team also monitors and manages all the incoming Alerts using two user-friendly portals, the first one being dedicated to managing and annotating all alerts while the second deals with creating Tickets that require further action. The NOC Engineers continuously monitor these alerts, 24/7, by immediately taking necessary actions like annotating, creating tickets as per the defined process, and closing which ensures that all systems are always up and running with maximum uptime. As the Steps were repetitive, Client wanted to automate this process as this was 24/7 process.


We developed a custom RPA solution that is both efficient and effective in handling IT alerts. All alerts are assigned a priority based on urgency, with higher-priority alerts being addressed first. The Dispatcher Bot scans the portal for new alerts and saves them in SQL DB, then verifies if they meet any criteria (such as already being part of a Maintenance or Ignorable list) before annotating them and changing the status accordingly. If they require human action, they will be passed onto the Performer bot who then creates the necessary ticket from the ITSM portal and assigns it to an appropriate group/person. Performer Bot also helps to identify and mark duplicate or bulk alerts, by referencing the existing information in the SQL database, Performer Bot sends out a comprehensive report of all actions taken on each alert. This helps to directly reduce time spent manually tagging alerts while ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process. Ultimately, this combination of Bots and SQL database allows us to efficiently navigate through all incoming IT alerts, freeing up essential time that can be used elsewhere.



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