Case Study

Invoice Submission Automation

Optimized Invoice Submission Process using RPA to download required documents from various portals for every respective PO. It also required  Automated Data Entry, Invoice Total Verification, and Document Attachment to complete the Invoice Submission Process. It drove Accuracy and Completeness,  Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Enhanced Productivity through Streamlined Workflow and Elimination of Manual Errors.








Streamlined and Automated Invoice Submission Process through Robotic Process Automation

Business Case

The invoice submission process is a multi-step procedure that requires users to enter specific invoice details for a particular purchase order (PO) through a designated web portal. These details typically include the invoice number, date, and other relevant information.

During the submission process, the user encounters two document attachment requirements. These documents must be downloaded manually from separate web portals. For one of the documents, the user needs to request it through the respective portal, triggering a system process that generates a unique request ID. After submitting the request, the user must wait for a brief period, usually a couple of minutes, for the system to process the request. Once the request is processed, the user can proceed to download the corresponding invoice using the request ID obtained during the initial request submission.

The final step in the process involves the user verifying the total amount specified in the invoice. This verification step is essential to ensure that the invoice’s total matches the expected amount based on the associated purchase order. By comparing the amounts, any discrepancies or errors can be identified and resolved promptly, ensuring accuracy in the invoice submission process.


Our developed RPA bot optimizes the invoice submission process by automating the retrieval and organization of required documents from various web portals. It efficiently logs into the portals and downloads required documents for respective purchase orders (POs), captures unique request IDs for future reference, and stores them in designated folders. The bot then enters invoice details, verifies the invoice total, and attaches the necessary documents before submitting the invoice. This automation solution enhances accuracy, saves time, and streamlines the management of invoice submissions.



100% Automation


Automated Invoice Submission


100% Accuracy


Time saving of 3 Business Days


Improved Employee Experience