Case Study

HRMS Onboarding Automation

We automated customer onboarding into client’s HRMS product with the use of RPA to streamline and expedite the onboarding process. It involves utilizing RPA Bot to automate various tasks and activities involved in setting up and configuring the HRMS for a new customer and their employees. It included Account Provisioning, Data Migration, Employee Setup. By automating these processes, HRMS customer onboarding was significantly streamlined, reducing manual effort, minimizing errors, and enhancing the overall customer experience.




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Transformed HRMS Customer Onboarding: A Case Study in Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Efficiency through Automation

Business Case

Our client is a company that provides HRMS products. The client’s HRMS platform had a complex and time-consuming process for adding company accounts, administrators, and thousands of employees from Excel files. Configuring various parameters such as HR modules, policies, and subscriptions for each company was a manual and cumbersome task. Additionally, assigning different modules and rights to employees based on their roles added to the time-consuming nature of the process. This manual approach was prone to errors and consumed a significant amount of time. Automation was required to alleviate these challenges and streamline the onboarding process.


We developed an RPA bot that automates the entire process of customer and employee onboarding. The RPA bot streamlines the onboarding process by starting with company onboarding and adding the respective administrators. It simplifies the assignment of modules, policies, and subscriptions by allowing the user to select the appropriate checkboxes on various screens. Once a company is fully onboarded, the bot takes on the task of adding employees to the HRMS system by extracting employee parameters from provided Excel files. These parameters include roles, employment types, and the modules associated with each employee. With its advanced capabilities and precision, our bot operates in a loop mode, efficiently automating the onboarding of thousands of employees while considering their unique parameters.



100% Automation


Automated Customer Onboarding


100% Accuracy with faster onboarding


Time saving of 9-10 hours for every customer onboarding


Improved Customer Experience