Case Study

Credit Limit Report Automation

An automated solution was developed to simplify the Credit Limit Reporting process, making it easier to generate reports. This was achieved through the use of an RPA Bot that downloaded files, filtered data, performed calculations, and organized the information. The reports focused specifically on vendors who met specific criteria, resulting in a streamlined and efficient reporting process.








Streamlining Credit Limit Analysis: Automated Data Processing and Reporting for Enhanced Efficiency

Business Case

The client accesses a web portal to download raw data for all vendors, specifying the time period and locations. After downloading the data, the client filters vendors based on specific Credit Limit criteria mentioned in the input file. Calculations and Excel operations are performed to analyze and process the data. A Credit Limit Report is created, highlighting vendors that meet the report criteria. The client then sends an email with the Credit Limit Report attached, focusing on vendors that meet the specified credit limit criteria.

Challenges that can be effectively addressed through automation here were the repetitive and time-consuming nature of performing calculations and filtering vendors based on specific Credit Limit criteria. By automating these tasks, the process can be streamlined and accelerated, saving considerable time and effort for the client.


An RPA bot was developed to optimize the report generation process by automating various tasks. The bot efficiently downloads XML data from a web portal, customizing the date range and locations for comprehensive coverage. It applies predefined Credit Limit criteria from the input file to select vendors for the report.

Leveraging Excel’s functionalities, the bot performs calculations and data manipulation to prepare the data for report generation. Once the required operations are completed, a Credit Limit Report is created, providing a summary of vendors and their credit limit information that meets the specified criteria.

To ensure timely delivery of the report, the bot sends an email to the user, attaching the Credit Limit Report. This automation empowers the user to make informed decisions based on the credit status of vendors, saving time and enhancing efficiency in the process.



100% Automation


Automated Credit Limit Reports


100% Accuracy


Saved 2-3 Business Days per month


Faster Report Disptach