Case Study

Chatbot and RPA Integration

We implemented a seamless integration of a Chatbot and an RPA Bot. This innovative solution allows for efficient data retrieval and quick responses to customer inquiries, resulting in significant time savings and heightened user satisfaction. When customers interact with the Chatbot and provide their input, the RPA Bot seamlessly accesses the necessary data from the Oracle database and passes to Chatbot.




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Revolutionizing Customer Experience: The Power of Chatbot and RPA Integration for Swift and Accurate Responses

Business Case

Our customer implemented a chatbot solution to deliver prompt and precise responses to user inquiries regarding package tracking. In their quest to further enhance this process, they recognized the value of integrating a robotic process automation (RPA) solution. This integration aimed to establish a seamless connection between the chatbot and the customer’s database, enabling real-time access to delivery status information through a web portal interface. By leveraging RPA technology, the customer aimed to ensure swift and accurate updates on package progress, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction.


We harnessed the synergistic potential of RPA bots and chatbots to establish a robust automated system. Leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Integration and Orchestrator, we seamlessly integrated our RPA bot with the chatbot, creating a dynamic solution that effortlessly handles customer requests.

Through the implementation of a trigger mechanism, our RPA bot is automatically launched in response to customer requests via the chatbot. The use of queues simplifies the process, facilitating the smooth flow of information. Acting as a virtual assistant, our bot directly accesses web portals to gather relevant data on behalf of users, specifically tracking number updates. This information is swiftly processed and delivered back to customers through the chatbot, ensuring they receive prompt and accurate status updates on their deliveries.

By combining RPA bots and chatbots, we have established a highly efficient and user-friendly solution. Through seamless integration and intelligent automation, we enable customers to conveniently access real-time tracking information, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.



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