Case Study

Logistics Report Automation

We automated the creation of Daily Logistics Reports, resulting in significant time savings and enhanced data accuracy. Leveraging data extracted from SAP, our RPA bot seamlessly fetched the raw information required for the reports, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This transformative automation solution streamlined processes and improved  productivity ensuring the availability of precise and up-to-date logistics reports for our customer’s operations.




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Unlocked Efficiency by Automating Daily Logistics Reports with Custom RPA Bot

Business Case

Addressing the critical requirement to automate manual processes in generating daily Logistics Dispatch Reports and analyzing fulfillment status, delays, and pending orders posed a significant challenge for the business. The existing method involved a laborious and error-prone procedure, including manual calculations to determine the time elapsed since the order date and renaming packaging size details based on predefined conditions. These tasks were performed manually using files obtained from the SAP system and prepared in Excel.

By automating this process, the company can enjoy a multitude of benefits. Firstly, the preparation of accurate reports will become significantly easier and faster, eliminating the potential for human error. Additionally, the automation frees up valuable resources, allowing the company to redirect their efforts towards more productive endeavors aligned with their core business requirements.


We successfully deployed an automated process leveraging RPA using Automation Anywhere to streamline the creation of Dispatch Reports. Through this implementation, the RPA bot seamlessly interacts with the SAP system by logging in and retrieving all active order records using specified criteria. It then performs calculations to determine the time elapsed between the order date and the current date. Orders experiencing delays in fulfillment are identified and added to a new column labeled “Delay,” along with a corresponding “Delay Days” column indicating the number of delayed days. Fulfilled orders are categorized and listed under the “Completed” column.

To ensure accuracy and consistency, the bot further executes steps to rename packaging size details based on customer-defined parameters. Once the preparation process is completed, the bot automatically sends the daily report via email to designated staff members, ensuring timely and efficient distribution of the report.

By implementing this automated process, we have significantly reduced manual effort and the risk of errors while expediting the report generation. The RPA bot seamlessly integrates with the SAP system, performs complex calculations, and organizes the data, ultimately enhancing efficiency and enabling designated staff members to receive up-to-date Dispatch Reports in a timely manner.



100% Automation


Automated Logistics Report


100% Accuracy


Monthly Time saving of 60-70 hours


Improved Employee Experience