Industry:   Building Materials

Client: A Leading Distributor of Building materials

Solution: Task Management Application

Business Case: Client has employees that work on various tasks in office and field. It was difficult to track tasks assigned and it was experienced that tasks are not getting completed on time and delaying the overall operations and deliverables.

Solution: We developed a Responsive Task Management Web Application after understanding all the Customer needs. It has features  of creating, scheduling and assigning of the task as well as the ability to Notify assignee through WhatsApp and email notification at every Task Stage till its completed.

Application has capabilities to SCRUD* Users, Clients and Contacts. Users are added to the Application as per groups, where every Group has a Group Owner who is accountable for tasks in his group. Capability to create and update predefined Standard Tasks is also added to the application.

The key feature of the application is WhatsApp and Email Notifications for every task to assignees at various stages, like  Assignment, Reassignment, Task Due Time Approaching (1 hour before Task Due Time), Task Overdue (2 Hours post Task Due Time) and Daily Summary of Overdue Tasks. This helps users to be track and complete their tasks efficiently.

We also Developed Dashboards and Reports based on real-time, visual data that team can use for better Insights. These Reports and Dashboards has Role Based Access to access data on the basis of Task type, Group or Individuals.


  • Better Task Management
  • Faster action on Tasks
  • Better Employee experience
  • Smooth Operations
  • Improved team performance

SCRUD = Search, Create, Read, Update, Delete