Industry : IT

Client: IT company in UK

Solution: Automation using RPA

Business Case:

Customer wanted to automate the entire Project management process where he had to do lot of manual and repetitive work. Customer was using an application to manage his projects. In the application, Client had to search Request category, respective Service line items for that category, select, and attach the respective templates for that Service, followed by selection of Production environment. Customer had to select more than one Category at times and their respective items for attaching the templates. Customer also had to add portfolio and program information by capturing the data from Admin section.


We developed the RPA bot that automated the end to end process where a category would be entered and rest all the process was automated from selecting the respective service lines, searching and attaching templates accordingly and adding all the details


  • 95% Automation
  • Automated Entry of details
  • Higher Accuracy
  • Time Saving