Robotics and automation has fundamentally transformed the way companies operate. In the manufacturing world, physical robots have replaced human workers performing repetitive tasks. And now, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has hit the back office.

The BPO Industry deals with a number of repetitive and tedious tasks that are crucial, but hardly require any decision- making. In call centers, due to the excessive size of such rule-based functions, automation will bring a significant impact, enhancing the overall experience for both call center agents and clients. Most organizations have sought ways to improve their operational efficiency.

This is exactly where Robotic Process Automation( RPA) comes into the picture. RPA automates an organisation’s routine, repetitive and operational processes. It frees the staff to focus on more critical work, involving human intelligence and decision-making. RPA  significantly improves operational costs, by automating rule-based tasks that are to be carried out more accurately, efficiently and relentlessly.

Software automation in the back office can eliminate many of the tedious tasks performed by BPO services routinely. For instance, tasks concerning verification, people moving data, validating, aggregating, and re-keying can be streamlined, step by step easily.

RPA has become a significant differentiator for leading BPO organisations looking to retain, acquire and grow customers, as well as, increase profitability. Advanced BPO providers have been automating back office processes, for quite some time now. Nevertheless, the ever-increasing sophistication and the subsequent implementation of RPA in BPO is now swelling a virtual workforce. 

By eliminating repetitive tasks, RPA is revolutionizing back-office processes and fostering a virtual work staff. The new wave of Robotic Process Automation can dramatically increase the ability to perform tasks in a cost-effective manner and with a higher level of accuracy. The use of RPA solutions by advanced BPOs is becoming increasingly common, allowing for further innovation and progress. For BPOs looking for innovative and agile ways to run their businesses, RPA should be a serious consideration.

The Future of RPA

The global market size for Robotic process automation was valued at USD 1.40 billion in 2019. It is expected to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.6% from 2020 to 2027. The rising demand for automation of repetitive tasks in the business processes coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI ) and Machine Learning (ML) enhancements is supposed to propel growth in the market. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the remote work scenario is expected to reorient business operation, whereby businesses would be motivated to opt for RPA in the near future.

Source: Grand View Research

The implementation of RPA has caught the attention of many SMEs and big businesses in the recent past. Organisations are actively looking to identify processes that can be automated to accelerate efficiency, and bring significant value addition.

Impact of Automation on BPO/ KPO

RPA facilitates data integration via a single entry by the call center agent across various fields of associated systems. It can generate auto-fill templates, copy-paste information, field entries and more, with least manual assistance. Integrations with software and internal systems such as CRMs and other third party tools reduce the amount of time spent on cross-application desktop tasks.

This reduces the need to deal with different systems and RPA also mitigates the possibility of potential clerical errors. As a result of call center automation using RPA, agents can provide adequate assistance to the customers without having to deal with the data manually.

Many BPOs have leveraged the power of RPA to deploy value to a multitude of organisations, in a variety of areas which include:

  • Data entry and Authentication
  • File and Data Manipulation
  • Automated Formatting
  • Multi-format Message Creation
  • UI Manipulation
  • Web Scraping
  • Text Mining
  • Uploading and Exporting
  • Downloading and Importing
  • Workflow Acceleration
  • Currency/Exchange rate processing
  • Reconciliations

Benefits of RPA in the BPO Industry

The use of RPA in the BPO sector offers a raft of benefits:

  • Cost savings:

RPA eliminates expenses involved in engaging full-time employees and errors incurred during repetitive tasks.

  • Precise:

With automated processes in place, human errors can be eliminated to some degree. Increased accuracy is one of the key benefits of RPA in BPO.

  • Continuous availability:

Software robots are available 24 hours a day to resolve customer problems and evaluate business performance.

  • Compliance:

Standard operating procedures are configured using internal software coding to prevent any operational lapses or legal problems, and to ensure business continuity.

RPA use cases in the BPO Sector

  • File and Data Manipulation

Important data files and reports can be easily extracted from file servers, evaluated, formatted, copied, deleted, and moved around in bulk, within minutes, with the use of Spreadsheet processing RPA solutions.

  • Data Entry and Validation

During customer calls, automated dictation systems and voice to data transformations can be made possible with RPA solutions. Keyword analysis and predictive data tools contribute to RPA’s efficient performance in data handling.

  • Uploading and Exporting

BPO sector handles huge models and diverse datasets. Migration and integration of data through standard processes of conversion is facilitated by RPA converters, to support uploading and exporting. A variety of softwares can work in tandem to accomplish business goals more effectively.

  • Reconciliations

Automated ticketing systems can handle customer complaints, system discrepancies, downtime and inconsistencies. The task of reconciliations is rendered more efficient with RPA implementation.

Robotic Process Automation is bound to change the face of diverse industry verticals. RPA will continue to evolve and become more advanced, allowing BPOs to improve their offering and operational efficiency .

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